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Time is money, and if you’re looking for ways to increase productivity in the workplace, start with the physical office space.

Our brains like order (if you need supporting evidence, check out this study from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute), and clutter and other visual reminders of disorganization impede on our effectiveness and ability to concentrate. Another study shows that the most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment!

Even your room color can affect productivity!

Besides simply optimizing productivity, the space where your employees spend the majority of their waking hours will impact their mental health, their wellbeing, and their job satisfaction.

We spend 40 hours a week (and 2000 hours per year) in the office on average. Don’t we deserve to make the most of those hours?

From small tasks like “we need to find a place for these files that everyone can get to” to big questions like “how we do increase collaboration”, TSM can help.

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Information Centers

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The Simplified Method saved me so much money and time!

“I decided to expand my business, but didn’t have the physical space to do so since I share a commercial office space with another company. Instead of finding a larger space, Maureen & her team came in and transformed the existing offices to accommodate my growing business as well as my partner’s business. Now we can work in the same space harmoniously without feeling claustrophobic.”

– Allison Whitt, Principle, Design X Architecture + Interiors & Creator, Handbuilt Furniture + Fixtures

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