Myth Busting

I was chatting with a newer acquaintance of mine over coffee when we got into work talk, at which point she expressed incredulity over the fact that I enjoyed organizing and at my assertion that I could help almost anyone improve their lives through organizational systems. I told her I’d prove it to her if she let me organize just one space in her home.

“But you wouldn’t be able to, because I have too much stuff.” I couldn’t believe my ears. People feeling like they have too much stuff is exactly the point. I explained this to her, but my words fell on deaf ears. There was simply no convincing her! Which brings me to our next subject: myth-busting, or, why what you think you know about professional organizers or the organizing process is wrong.

“I’m a special case and an organizer wouldn’t know how to help me.”

I hate to contradict what your mother told you, but you aren’t as special as you think, at least from an organizing perspective. The thing is, a successful organization is about systems, not things. Confused? Don’t be. These “special” cases usually think that their hobbies and/or lifestyles exempt them from systems that work for the mainstream when they sometimes just need more creative solutions or more specific guidance when it comes to grouping/categorizing/storing like items.

“I’m going to have to buy a bunch of storage containers.”

While I do enjoy a frolic about the Container Store (ahem, see my bio), every organizational journey does not necessarily mandate your allegiance to expensive plastic cubes. We first work with what you have, and many clients are surprised to find that they have more than what they need to get started. One of my goals is to show you how to correctly use the space you already have in order to maximize efficiency. If proper organization only required a trip to the Container Store then I would have been out of business long ago!

“I can’t afford it.”

This is sort of like saying you can’t afford to go to your cousin’s wedding in Tampa…it’s more of an “I choose not to” than a “can’t,” which is still a valid excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. I can promise you there are things you have bought or are about to buy that will bring you much less long-term satisfaction than an organizing session with yours truly. As a proponent of constant and never-ending improvement, I’d reckon your time and money would be better spent forsaking a few happy hour extravaganzas for something that will more than likely generate lasting fulfillment and positively impact multiple areas of your life.

“It’s still such a time commitment.”

You basically had all of 2020 to binge-watch every streaming service, so now you have no excuse. Secondly, we are talking one Lord of the Rings movie in terms of the initial time commitment, maybe the trilogy if you want the works straight off the bat. In the grand scheme of things, that’s a piece of cake.

“It won’t be fun.”

Actually, it’s more fun than you think! Once I’ve equipped you with the right mindset, organizing no longer feels like a chore and instead feels freeing. Most of my clients also wind up significantly paring down their belongings and are astonished and delighted at the result. Plus, I’m here to help you through the hard parts. At the end of the day, it’s my job to make the organizational process as pain-free and enjoyable as possible. As you can see, the myths above are really just excuses rooted in fear! The point is, there are no good excuses. Implementing functional organizational systems in your home or office is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned, and one that has the potential to provide life-expanding benefits for years to come.