The Simplified Method Professional Organizing

Simple, Customized Organization Solutions for homes & offices.

The Cadillac

In-Home Consultation
We get to know you, your space and your goals

Everything comes out (and I mean everything). We then go through your items and determine what to keep, donate, or toss

Plan & Order
We measure the space, plan the layout and source products that match your aesthtic and budget

We put everything in it’s new place and make the labels

Relax because we’re giving you tips on how to maintain your new system

Price is determined during in-home consultation and varies based on the scope of the project(s)

The Classic

Virtual Intensive
Step-by-step assistance

Purge & sorting guidance. Measure the space (1 hour)

Placement of remaining items, & determine aesthetic and budget (1 hour)

Shopping time!
We do the shopping and have it delivered (30 minutes)

Guidance on what goes where and in what container (1 hour)

Enjoy your new space 

3.5 hours | $500
1 space per package

Time may be broken into three, 1-hour sessions

The Skinny

Virtual Consultation
For clients looking for step-by-step assistance

Step 1:
Declutter, purging and sorting advice

Step 2:
Measuring, shopping & organizing suggestions

Step 3:
Placement & labeling 

1.5 hours | $225
1 space per package

Time may be broken into three, 30-minute sessions.

Additional time can be purchased if needed.



Home Offices




Kids playrooms

Laundry & Mudrooms



Recreation rooms

Living & Family rooms

“Maureen & her team are amazing!”

“My husband and I just moved into our new house and unpacked everything, putting things away where we thought they made sense, but realized as time went on, we could never find anything. We hired the Simplified Method to organize our shared spaces: kitchen, bathroom & closet. Now we have a logical place for everything and a maintainable system that works for both of us.”

– Anne Marie Lohr, Point Loma, CA

Your organized space is just 3 Steps Away

Step 1: Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Consultation Call

Step 2: Declutter, purge, systemize, organize and scream hallelujah

Step 3: Say goodbye to chaos, clutter, and say hello to calm


Are all spaces considered equal?

NO! The size, scale, and challenges are different for every space. Just imagine your closet versus Gwyneth Paltrow’s. We work to customize to you and your space and will tell you if extra time is recommended.

Can I buy extra time for your virtual packages?

Yes, you can! We have additional time available for purchase in 15 and 30-minute increments, so no need to feel rushed!

What do you recommend if I’m looking to organize a few spaces?

You’re not alone! Let’s set up a call to determine your exact needs with each space. You may feel confident after the first space to tackle the others with just a little guidance.

What if I don’t know my budget?

What is your time and sanity worth to you? Organization is an investment in you and your lifestyle. We make it possible on any budget starting with our Skinny!

What is your fee structure?

For our virtual packages, the price and time is set, but we can adjust how the time is used to best fit your needs. We offer additional time for purchase in 15 and 30 minutes increments should you want or need more time.

For in-person organization, the price determined by the scope of the project and number of team members, not by the hour.

All organizing supplies and containers are purchased by TSM (with a deposit) and are an additional cost to the services. You are only charged for what you keep.

Can you provide services for projects outside of San Diego?

You bet! Packages are based on the number of days, number of team members, hotel, airfare, and expenses.

I have so much stuff! Where do I start?!

That’s where I come in (see my blog)! It can feel overwhelming, but that’s what we are here for, so start by setting up a call.